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Dear Sir,I am Subu.Sudheesababu aged 29, and a native of Neduganda, Varkala (S/O Late. Mr. A.Sudhhesa Babu (PA to Govt. Chief Secretary) Kunnamkulam House, Trivandrum disrtict, Kerala). Presently I am working as a Geotechnical Engineer with a MNC in U.A.E. ... Categories: Hobby  Stores 
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    Dear Sir,I am Subu.Sudheesababu aged 29, and a native of Neduganda, Varkala (S/O Late. Mr. A.Sudhhesa Babu (PA to Govt. Chief Secretary) Kunnamkulam House, Trivandrum disrtict, Kerala). Presently I am working as a Geotechnical Engineer with a MNC in U.A.E. I did M.Sc in Marine Geology (2002-2004) and M.Tech in Ocean Technology (2004-2006) with First Rank from School of Marine Sciences, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Cochin, India. While I was working on my MTech project in Institute of Reservoir Studies, ONGC, Ahmedabad, I came across a marriage proposal from a UAE business family through the matrimonial advertisement. Me and Ashi Ashokan, (D/O. Mr.K.Ashokan, Ponkaruna house Thottam, Manacaud, Trivandrum) married on 06th April 2006. Since I was a student, Ashi's father offered me a cash cheque for meet the marriage expenses. I initially rejected the offer but later gave up after Ashi's father successfully persuaded me to accept the same. One week after marriage she left from my home and went to U.A.E for to rejoin her job. In July 2006 I completed My M.Tech course and on 08th July I went to UAE. When I was in U.A.E I had stayed with her in her home in Ras Al Khaimah. Since I was unemployed and I depended on them. My father-in-law behaved arrogantly towards me. He doesn't know how to behave to others. After reaching UAE he continuously tormented me, mentally and physically. Since he is uneducated, I ignored his acts/comments. During that time I had a job interview in Arab Center Engineering studies, Dubai. Since Ras Al Khaimah is more than 200km away from Dubai and since I was new to the emirates, I requested her father to accompany me. Then he behaved like a mad dog, and tried to assault me and barked at me saying This is the first and last time for you, never request any favor from me and he forced me out of the home for the whole night. Later, on my own, I attended the interview and was selected and joined Arab Center for Engineering Studies as an Engineering Geologist. During these days my wife (Mrs.Ashi) was working as a secretary to the marketing manager, RAK White Cement Company in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. After getting the job her father continuously persuaded me, to take a big amount as bank loan for his business purpose. Things started changing when I had a minor verbal exchange with my father in law (Ashi’s father) regarding my wife and her well being. Everything worked fine for few months and we (me and Ashi) shifted to a new house. While I was in office, as part of the conspiracy my wife took my permission to leave my house on the pretext to attend a three days company business meeting at Muscat Hotel, Trivandrum, Kerala. I granted her instant permission and also helped her in shopping and personally dropped her at the sharjah International Airport on 10th January 2007. After reaching Kerala she stopped contacting me and all my efforts to contact her failed. Later I realized that all these days I have been constantly cheated. She opened my bank locker on 11th January 2007(SBT, Kadakkavour Branch, Locker No: 157) with a fake authorization letter and took her gold. I couldn't believe my ears and to find the truth. By the advice of her mother I resigned my job and returned to Kerala on 16 th January 2007. Once I reached Kerala I learnt that my wife returned to UAE on the same day. Soon after she told me that she no longer wished to live with me and requested me to divorce her under mutual consent. Since I loved her very much and since the issue can be resolved through mutual understanding, I refused that plea (initially). But I totally failed to settle those matters. After couple of weeks she lost her job at RAK Cements due to some malpractice. After the fake business meeting when I try to contact her mobile phone, then after I received a vulgar stuffed SMS message from her number. As evidence I am still keeping that message in my mobile phone. As relating to these incidents I tried to move more legally and filed a case (CMP No 1157 of 2007) regarding to the bank locker operation. Then her family engaged thugs to harass me. In order to avoid confrontations and for my personal safety I had left from Kerala. When I was in Mumbai her father had arranged some dons for assassination, to cut the story short by the grace of God still I am alive. Since this plan didn't work out, she again came back to Kerala on April 2007 on the advice of her father and filed some fake cases against me, including dowry harassment / Domestic Violence and Cyber Crime (Crime no. 166/CR/TVM/07/U/s 488(A) IPC and 67 of IT Act.) It should be noted that Ashi stayed in my home in Varkala for only one week after marriage. Soon after that we moved to Ras Al Khaimah, where we lived in Ashi's father's house. Under these circumstances, how can I or my parents harass her? Her submitted medical certificate has been issued by her cousin’s husband Dr Salim Babu, who is practicing in Ajman, UAE. Moreover, Ashi was living in Ras Al Khaimah which is at least 150 km away from Ajman. Why did she purposefully go to Ajman in spite of available hospital facilities in Ras Al Khaimah? Why not compliant to the UAE Police instantaneously? This confirms that all the allegations are fabricated and hence false. She already knew my email password she create that fake orkut profile in order to get divorce and compensation and latter filed a fake cyber case against me. In order to avoid my entry/exit of India they sought help from some ministers in the present government and filed reports at all the international airports in India. They have money and political influence, so they have the means to do anything. They had asked a big amount of money, as a compensation for settlement of these cases. I am unable to believe how these unexpected tragedies happened to me! These tragic incidents totally uprooted my future and career. Moreover, these incidents deteriorated my father’s health and last year he was under medication for acute case of Hyper Tension (Parkinson’s disease). Really I wished to meet my father in person but, who can fight against the fate! Last 08th February 2008 my father had passed away and I couldn’t even participate in his last rituals, because they even tried to engage antisocial elements to eliminate me. He is all my beyond words, who made me what I am. In the meantime they had proceeded after much struggle I had lived as an expatriate. I even didn’t inform my relatives about my whereabouts. Really I am fed up with my life and still my life exists as a question mark! Latter they preceded the case before The Honorable Family Court, Trivandrum (No.289/2008). In my absence and secured the court order to attach my family properties, as a torment they had proceeded the same case in two different courts! (Hon. Judicial First Class Magistrate Court, Trivandrum and Hon. Family Court, Trivandrum). Moreover, by secretly she got the ex parte divorce from The Hon. Family Court, Trivandrum (Case No.410/2007). It should be noted that I did not receive any court notice even though I have a permanent resident address in Kerala. Moreover, the dowry harassment / domestic violence case (MC 27/2007) was raised for hearing in the Honorable Court on a day when there was lawyers strike going on, regarding to the High Court bench issue. As a result my party couldn't enter the court on that day. So, in my party’s absence, the judgment was delivered with a compensation of INR 3763860/- ! After going through these bitter experiences, I had filed an appeal for getting a fair judgment from the Honorable Indian Judiciary. As a citizen of India, I respect the law of the nation. But I am denied justice in this case. With the help of dons and police, they harassed me in whatever ways they could and in order to escape from the impending danger I have to immigrate to another country where I am living as an expatriate these days. Once they came to know about this, they utilized their money and political influence and filed report in Embassy of India, and tried to impound my passport. I gave my explanation to the show case notice from The Embassy of India Abu Dhabi, and after I came to kerala and surrendered before the Hon. Judiciary. I would like to emphasis that I am innocent and please refer the following evidences to understand what really happened. I hereby declare that the above mentioned information are true and correct up to the best of my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above mentioned particulars. Thanking you.Yours truly, Subu Sudheesababu

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